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Statue of Dante (Verona, ITALY) Loggie del Consiglio at Piazza dei Signori (Verona, ITALY) Statue at one of Scaligere tombs (Verona, ITALY) Castel San Pietro (Verona, ITALY) Castel San Pietro (Verona, ITALY)
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Castel San Pietro (Verona, ITALY) San Leonardo hill (Verona, ITALY) Castel San Pietro (Verona, ITALY) (Verona, ITALY) Santa Maria Matricolare (Verona, ITALY)
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(Verona, ITALY) San Leonardo hill (Verona, ITALY) Arco dei Gavi (Verona, ITALY) Castelvecchio (Verona, ITALY) Castelvecchio (Verona, ITALY)
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