KOSOVO photography / Fotografie KOSOVO
Skyline (Prizren, KOSOVO) Skyline (Prizren, KOSOVO) Skyline (Prizren, KOSOVO) Orthodox church (Prizren, KOSOVO) Church protected by barbed wire (Prizren, KOSOVO)
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Looted houses of Serbs (Prizren, KOSOVO) Notice board inviting to bike party and funerals (Prizren, KOSOVO) One of many mosques (Prizren, KOSOVO) Old town (Prizren, KOSOVO) Kosova coat of arms on a flag or T-shirt (Prizren, KOSOVO)
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Old town (Prizren, KOSOVO) Globalization (Prizren, KOSOVO) Man with a barrow / push cart / trolley (Prizren, KOSOVO) Man with a barrow / push cart / trolley (Prizren, KOSOVO) "Kosova's finest beer" (KOSOVO)
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