Slide show presentations

I share my travel adventures and experiences not only through my pictures and stories published in magazines, but through special lectures, travelogues, slide shows and interactive presentations created for school audiences, the general public or other target groups. Each of the programs is available in different versions and concepts appropriate for each age level.

Currently the following slide shows are offered:

  1. The Middle East (Jordan, Egypt, Israel)
  2. Life and Religion in Asia
  3. National Parks of USA
  4. Burma (Myanmar)
  5. Turkey and Syria
  6. Thailand
  7. Morocco
  8. Hungary
  9. Norway
  10. India

Národní park Bryce Canyon (Utah, USA)

Presentations last approximately 1 hour (but can be modified from 45 to 120 minutes) and are preferably hosted in media centers, libraries, clubs or classrooms. Each of the series contains hundreds of colorful images with live commentary by their author. The audience is entertained and educated at the same time, while learning about faraway places, different traditions and interesting customs of foreign nations. All programs are followed with ample question and answer time.

To learn more, please e-mail me for details: zpět na hlavní stranu